Help Mobile School bring education to the streets! 

Mobile School is an educational project focused on illiterate children working in the streets of Sana'a, Yemen.

Our aim is to bring an educational window to those children who can hardly or not at all attend school because of different reasons: they are coming from poor families, they are orphans or they are forced to beg and bring money to their parents and families.

What do we teach?
- How to read and write Arabic Language
- Basic mathematics
- Computer skills (to the advance group)

The Mobile School Yemen project started in October 2013 and it is still continuing till today. 30 children, boys and girls, are already learning how to read and write.

What can your donation do?
For example:
- $15 it is enough to cover one month of Mobile School for 1 child
- $90 cover 3 months of Mobile school for 2 children
- $120 cover half school year (4 months) of Mobile School for 2 children

With this campaign we want to make sure the Mobile School Yemen will be running the next school year (January - August 2015) and that those 30 children and new ones will continue to receive basic education which means a better choice to decide their future.


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